Renting out our “Little Palace”

When we were looking for houses some 8 years ago we were actually home viewing with a real estate agent the house next door. However, that house needed so many renovations that we told the real estate agent it was not to our liking, yet we mentioned we did like the neigbhorhood. Before actually stepping back in our car to leave, the owner from the house next door whom had overheard our conversation came to us and said if you like the neighborhood please know that our home will be on the market soon. So if you like you can take a look around already. But the house never came on the market, because her own home viewing resulted in us buying our own little palace the week after.

And now we are going to rent out our little palace… Luckily we had some people around us that are experienced with renting out their houses, so we had some names that they didn’t like as a rental agent and some names they did like. That is why we chose for Brick and after our first appointment they made pictures of our house this week. So, the house needed to get tidied up and getting rid of things we don’t need anymore.

It is weird that other people are going to live in our little palace. And now we have to think about several things.
1. Will we rent it with or without furniture?
2. Will we allow pets/smoking in the house (didn’t think of that myself)?
3. Which price do we want?
Stuff to think about, that’s for sure.

But first things first to make sure that all unnecessary “junk” is either cleaned up or thrown away !!

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