Finding a house!!

So there we went to find a house in Albuquerque… Fingers crossed whether we find something.
Even our corporate living agent whom we met at the hotel on Monday morning was a bit anxious to find us a house within a week. The Friday before he sent an email to take a look at houses, but by Monday they were all rented out already…. Luckily we could still see two houses in Albuquerque and one in Rio Rancho. So there we went.

The first house had a pool (although green at the time we visited), but was really outdated inside and had only 3 bedrooms. The second house was a beautiful home and had a stunning garden, yet was expensive. But, yeah… we need a house so if left with no other option then it would have been a nice fit for us. The third house was the one in Rio Rancho and it was built in New Mexico style, so the outside and inside where perfect, but the backyard wasn’t. It would have made a perfect backyard to create an amazing BMX track for the boys though, only there was absolutely no shade anywhere in the garden, which would have resulted in immediate sunburn for us all (like almost the whole year around…).

Besides the three house options our corporate living agent brought up, we had one other house option that a future colleague of Freek was planning to rent out. We didn’t make an appointment, but when we drove by we saw that there were plumbers working at the house. So we said to each other, come on and let us take a look inside. In the Netherlands we would say “The brutal have the half world”. So when we entered, they were actually updating the whole house! New floors, new bathrooms, new plastering and also a new kitchen, in short: everything in the house was brand-new. It just took us seconds to make up our mind that this house we wanted to rent as it just looked great. It would also mean that Freek wouldn’t have to commute that long towards his work and the school district is also okay for the boys!

So after that we went to have a lunch and Freek called his colleague. Freek then already said the house going to be ours to rent, but I got a little bit nervous if it actually would be. The day after Freek made another call to his colleague after which he would draw up a rental contract for us. We went back to the house on Thursday to make some pictures and movies of the house for Marlo and Nolan so they could see the new house and their bedrooms.

Looking back we were glad we found a house in one day!! And our corporate living agent was also very happy, because when we met on Monday he didn’t think it to be possible at all…

4 reacties op ‘Finding a house!!

  1. Mooi huis! En dat heeft dan zo moeten zijn. Heerlijk die vertaling van ons brutale Hollanders 😉
    Super leuk om ze alles mee te lezen over jullie avontuur.

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