Packing up the house

Between the boxes and cardboard

Our last week in the Netherlands we stayed at my mom and dad’s place. And every day Freek and I went to our house when the movers were there. Nolan already asked after 3 days: “Are you going to our old house now”? Already in his mind he was making a little bit of a closure to go to America.

So on Saturday I packed the suitcases for the things we need right away in America. I told Freek to go to Ballorig (an indoor play centre) with the boys so I could think clear without them being around me. It actually went really smooth and I could pack all the things we would need. Of course our suitcases were way too heavy for the weight that is allowed on the plane but that was okay as Freek’s company would pay for that. When the boys came home Marlo and Nolan said “This time we spent such a loooooong time playing at Ballorig it was really cool, mom”!!

Then on Monday the moving company started packing our stuff for the big move! And so they did on Tuesday and also Wednesday before everything was loaded into the moving boxes or wrapped in bubble plastic and cardboard. So our life was packed into these huge white boxes/carbon, okay our material life right…

Then on Thursday the container came. Our streets are not that wide as in the US so the big truck couldn’t make the turn without someone pulling out the street name pole. The moving guys were so lucky that we had the biggest heat wave in the Netherlands ever. Pffff it was really warm and that day the temperature was over 40 degrees (105F) -record temperatures measured in the Netherlands- so in the container temperatures rose far above 50. Even with a lot of pauses the guys managed to get our whole material life in the container by 2 PM.

In the mean time Freek and I were cleaning the house so the tenants could get in and we could give the keys to Brick vastgoed. After that we all said goodbye to our little palace. The container has been waiting in the harbor until the 31st of July, before it could go on the boat. So now we wait until it arrives in Albuquerque/Rio Rancho.

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