The biggest move (probably) of our life

Okay in the last days you have to say goodbye to your closest family. We noticed Marlo didn’t want to give hugs and kisses to say goodbye so we would just let him. Nolan also needed a little bit of encouragement to say goodbye. We didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so it would be a little bit easier for the boys. The last evening we had a BBQ with all the grandparents and Marlo and Nolan did like that.

On the big day we got up at 4 o’clock to be in the car at 5 AM. Together with 4 big suitcases, 3 trolleys, 2 laptop bags and 1 backpack we needed an extra car!! So luckily my mom and dad would bring us to the airport and we would go with a rental car. After checking in our luggage we wanted to drink a coffee with my mom and dad, but noticing Marlo he didn’t like that idea. He really wanted to go to the airplane and through security, being excited to fly for the first time. Besides that he was a bit fed up saying goodbye to everyone we were going to leave behind. So with the last hugs we shed a few tears, waved goodbye and then we were off.

The security check at Schiphol is really great, because we didn’t have to get any electronics out of the bags. And since we were having most of our electronics with us it’s a lot to get out. In Salt Lake City where we had a layover it was a totally different story…

Now we know how long 1,5 hours of waiting is with kids instead of without… Marlo and Nolan wanted to get on the airplane right away but still had to wait. So we walked around the airport and saw some planes taking off. But still time goes by very slow if your kids ask can we go on the plane every other second, I can tell you that…

So when we finally were seated they got really excited to get in the air. We saw a big smile on their faces the whole time. Up in the air the tablets were the best babysitters! Marlo would play for hours, but also liked to watch outside and the flight tracker on his screen. Nolan did fall asleep for 2 hours and so did I. So for 10 hours in the air we probably went about 10 times to the lavatory with the both of them, did some switching who was seated next to me and Freek and I tried to watch a movie. Of course we had some sticker books and a vacation book, but they didn’t look after those. But overall it went actually quite well! Next we had a layover at Salt Lake City and at that time it would have been bedtime in the Netherlands. However, Nolan and Marlo were still going strong and running around the airport. So then we still had a flight to Albuquerque for 1.30 hours.

At the Albuquerque airport we had to wait for someone to pick up some of our luggage to bring to our new house, because it would never fit in one rental car!! () And then the boys said they wanted to see our new home. But driving towards our new place they fell asleep! So instead going to our new house we drove towards the hotel and gave them something to eat and then put them into bed by 7.30 PM. They slept until the next morning 5 AM for which we were very grateful, because a jet lag can be….

Considering everything, we were really happy about our traveling experience. Do you have any tips and tricks for traveling with kids, because it will not be the last time for us…?

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