Last Sunday was Funday

Lunch at the “church street café”

Sunday is probably the best day to go and do things with the family. What to do when you’re new in town. We didn’t know yet, so maybe go to old town in Albuquerque and maybe do the sightseeing tour. But then Freek saw that when you live in New Mexico the “Museum of Natural History and Science” is for free on the first Sunday of the month, so the plan was made. Driving by the museum the reaction of the boys was: “look there are dinosaurs, are we going there? Yeaaaaahhhh!”

When we went in, there was a big dinosaur standing in the middle and moving his little feet and blinking his eyes. We didn’t know which way we needed to go and Freek said that was also on the reviews of Google, so let’s ask someone. A lady working at the museum was so kind to explain how to take the tour through the museum, hence we were able to start in hall 1 and then proceed through the other halls. The first hall began with the “big bang” of the universe; starting off with small microscopic beings and then proceeding to water creatures, moving to small dinosaurs that became bigger and bigger. This nice built up made Marlo and Nolan get more and more excited when entering from one room to the other. And every half hour, the best treat for the kids was the big dinosaur in the middle of the museum would start to really move its body and roar!

The boys standing in front of this dinosaur for the first time of course did not know what would happen. Luckily, they really liked it and there were some big smiles on their faces. They are into dinosaurs for a long time so this was no surprise for us… I can imagine that the roaring can be scary for the little kids because some of them were crying when it started moving and did the surprise roar!

There was also an exhibit of space where there was a star room and interactive tables where the boys would push buttons and lights would light up and much more. One of the most exiting items displayed was a Mars Rover, of which they could move the camera, making it able to watch ourselves. Together with the moving dinosaur it made the museum even more spectacular for our boys, so they really liked the visit to the museum!

After our visit to the museum we went to old town. There is a really nice old café called “Church Street Café” were we had lunch. The boys got their own menu and at the back was a coloring page they could color with crayons. It was fun for them waiting for the lunch to arrive! The boys just wanted fries and chicken nuggets and we got the burritos with chicken including the green chili on the side. The chili is very hot in New Mexico and we are not used to that, so in this way we can choose how much we want to add ourselves. The food was good and the place is really nice!!

Although it was getting warmer the boys really wanted to go and play at the playground “Tiguex Park” they saw while walking from the museum towards old town. After an hour of playing, sitting in the shades and drinking some lemonade we went home. It was a great playground with some swings and slides for the boys, but not being used to these temperatures when we arrived home we were done for the day!

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