You’ve got mail? uhh where did it go then….

Mailboxes in the US

Everybody knows the scenes in the movies where the mailman posts the mail in the mailboxes standing in front of the houses. When coming back at the house we rent we didn’t see those mailboxes, but two blocks away we did see them! The question was “Where are we going to get our mail?” That was something we really wanted to know, because our social security cards should have been arrived by now.

Therefore we called Freek his colleague and he told us we had to go to the post office. So off we went. Luckily we downloaded the area around Albuquerque on Google maps so we could navigate without having internet on our phones. It’s really the best thing to do I would say, because it can take you to every place you need to go and it will also provide you certain information such as the opening hours without being online!

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Back at the post office they explained how the mail will work in our neighborhood. Apparently, there are postal boxes serving multiple houses in the street we live in where we will have to get our mail. But first you need to request for keys to open your own box and it will take up to two weeks to get those. To bridge that gap of not being able to receive mail you can fill in another form and ask the mailman to deliver the mail at the post office instead, so you can pick it up over there. This we of course did, because we wanted our Social security cards, as without those you can’t do anything around here. You need the number from the card to get an American phone number, internet at home, gas, electricity etc, etc… Being confident this would do the trick, we went to get our mail at the post office after 2 days, however, there was no mail available at all, and thus they made a phone call to the mailman to make sure all our mail in the mail box was going to be taken out.

When having lunch that same afternoon I actually saw the car of the mailman and Freek spurred off to talk to her to ask if there was mail in the mailbox for us. But there was nothing in the mailbox and that day also no mail was sent to us. So where were those SSN cards??? To this date we still have no clue… yet that will be another story to tell.

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