Arranging…. That Social Security Number

Watching Netflix

The first weeks were about getting organized! Back in the Netherlands Freek already made some calls to get electricity and gas. The first thing they would ask him; “what is your social security number…?” As you may remember from a former blog we didn’t get those at that point. But he could arrange gas and electricity from the Netherlands, so the landlord would know we were going to pay those ourselves.

To get our ssn-cards we would need to get in to our mailbox, after 10 days we did get our keys. Yeahhhhh. But those social security numbers weren’t in there at all. Freek called the office but after being in the waiting line for 50 minutes, they weren’t allowed to tell something through the telephone. We needed to go back to the office where we applied for them. For the kids who needed to come along with us it was an experience they would NOT forget. We were there at opening time so we wouldn’t have to wait as long as when we were there the first time. We told the boys already there was going to be a security officer who has a gun and that they should be very quiet in there. Before opening the doors the security officer first told all the rules for the office. So you weren’t allowed to bring water, guns, pepper spray or something like that. The boys were very impressed because it was explained in an extremely strict and loud way. When we were inside they would behave very good, so that was a nice side effect.

Then we were called to the counter and when we told the lady what happened she was surprised that it didn’t arrive through the mail. She said it was already processed and that we should have gotten something. So she gave us some new prints with the SSN number and told us new cards were on the way… And indeed, they arrived after one and a half weeks.

We did need those numbers to get a cell phone number. So we went back to Verizon (Telephone Company) to get the deal they promised us, but after putting our SSN in the system they wouldn’t let us buy anything because they were afraid that we couldn’t pay our bills.

That is something you call credit over here, which is something you can build up by buying things, putting your own money on a creditcard, and let them know that you have enough money. It is okay to protect yourself or your business, but even paying right away or making a deposit wasn’t an option for Verizon. So we went to T-mobile instead and they did give us two contracts as a deposit was good enough for them! Finally we were able again to put on our phones and get in touch with everyone through mail, messages and WhattsApp.

Piece by piece we were able to get things organized. We now also have internet at home, so the boys can watch Netflix and so can we. We don’t have cable television, because it is very expensive. The channels the boys would like to have are in the most expensive packages. And you always get a deal for a year and after that they would double the bill. But we are online and when our own furniture will arrive, they tipped us “just put in an antenna and then you get like 4 or 5 local television stations”. Probably we will try that, however so far we don’t miss any programs from the American television! (at the hotel Marlo said he didn’t like it, because of all the commercials). I did want to see some dutch shows but until our stuff arrives we will not be able to watch “expeditie robinson” or “boer zoekt vrouw” 😉

Without internet you can’t do anything these days, that we noticed…
So anybody knows some good Netflix series that we should (binch)watch?? 

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