The first month

state park new mexico ABQ
The first hike

We turned the month, on the birthday calendar, over from August to September. Marlo asked who were going to have their birthday in September. Once I said that grandpa would have his birthday on the 23th Nolan said: “oh but then we are back in the Netherlands right?” “Uhmmm, no Nolan… we will be turning this whole calendar 2 times before we go back.” That wasn’t something he wanted to hear, I can tell you.

At first we thought Marlo would be the one that needed more time to manage the moving. But after four weeks of school he is getting along quite well we think. Of course the drop off at the gate of school is something he doesn’t like but that’s okay. He will go in without crying and the working sheets that he brings home are correct. At the playground he plays with some girls who want him to catch them so slowly he’s making some friends.

Nolan on the other hand struggles a little bit more. But we will need to keep in mind that he is only 3 years old and he didn’t have the English lessons Marlo had. Furthermore he didn’t go to school back in the Netherlands, and now he is going for 5 whole days a week. Marlo does have an early dismissal at Wednesday so I asked if Nolan was also allowed for an early dismissal when he was tired, and that was okay. But when he is at school learning and doing lessons he is fine! He loves doing math, numbers are really his thing.

Our biggest struggle was to get everything organized with the children. In the Netherlands buying a car, arranging everything or something else we would have the back up from our parents. Not being able to ask if they could watch over the kids, have the boys for the night or something like that when you have something to arrange it’s a thing for us… haha… We always appreciated the help our parents gave us, but now so much more. So when to do groceries? When they are at school of course!! So I don’t have to argue how they have to behave inside the shop… Last time I went they had all kind of things for Halloween. Thus, Marlo did ask if he could go and take a look one day at the Halloween decorations. We will do that and Halloween is something we really look forward to, especially the boys do.

Another necessity for life is FOOD. The food is different around here. The biggest thing we worried about was the bread and that we couldn’t buy any ranja/syrup for the boys. We did find something like syrup and it tastes good. But they don’t take it with them to school. At school the boys drink water from their bottle and at home they ask more times for water then we could imagine. The bread on the other hand is something that we tasted from a lot of different grocery stores including different varieties of them. However, nothing tastes like the bread from home…  (yeah I know home is where you are right now… 😉 ) That is the reason we bought a bread baking machine… After searching on the internet for a high altitude bread recipe, last week was the first time we had our own bread and it was delicious!! So now I have to make one bread a day to have enough for everybody!

We made our first weekend trip this month, a hiking trip, a lovely day at the swimming pool and went to the mayor day of Rio Rancho and so much more. The boys are always counting the days until the weekend…. And then asking what we will be doing this weekend, because there will be the next adventure, waiting for us. So what will we do next?? Hopefully this month our furniture will arrive…

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  1. Wanneer jullie binnenkort jullie eigen meubels hebben zal het huurhuis als “thuis” aanvoelen. Eigen bed, eigen bank,familie foto’s aan de muur.


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