Balloon Fiesta at Albuquerque

The balloon fiesta is here… since we decided to move here I started following some hash tags like #travelnewmexico #newmexicolife #newmexico #albuquerque #riorancho and many photos from the fiesta popped up… I started looking forward to this event of 9 days… so last Saturday when I put on the TV we saw that the air balloons wouldn’t go up because of the fog. That evening we decided to get up early the next morning and watch from a park to see the hot air balloons. When I woke up Marlo, he said: “I didn’t know that we were going to watch the balloons.” But he put on his clothes and was excited we were going. It is so beautiful to see all these balloons and I totally understand that this is the most photographed event in the world.

The boys have a little fall break (3 days) from school this week so we decided to use the park and ride from the Intel location on Thursday. That particular day is kids’ day when there is an event called “special shape rodeo.” The information said there were going to be about 110 different shapes. When we arrived it was still very dark, because we had the bus at 4AM in the morning. It was all well arranged and kids until 6 years both ride the bus and the fiesta entrance for free, for us it was 33 dollar for the bus and entrance. We had some hot chocolate inside and the boys got a goody bag from the local news station KOB4. There is a main street with food stands, the canon stand (main sponsor of the event) and a lot of places where you can buy clothes or merchandise from the balloon fiesta. So until the balloons go up in the air there is a lot to do and watch!

At 6AM they started to inflate the balloons for the early glow. It was very windy so they stayed at the ground, but this glowing inside those balloons is so gorgeous. But you decide yourself by watching the photos…

Then during sunrise we started to wonder why there weren’t any balloons inflated yet for takeoff. When I brought the kids to school this Monday and Tuesday the balloons were already at Rio Rancho around 7:45. So I opened the balloon fiesta app and saw that there was a yellow flag. The wind above the surface was blowing too hard to get the balloons safe in the air. It was a pity that we couldn’t see them up in the air, but seeing all those different shapes at the ground was also pretty cool. The boys could get cards from the balloons from the pilots. But there were so many different shapes that we didn’t even see them all before the pilots deflated them again. –> scroll down many photos 😉

Nonetheless, seeing a monster, dragon, witch, multiple bears, smurf, robot and numerous other beautiful shaped air balloons against the bluest sky imaginable was amazing and we are lucky for living so nearby that we probably will go another day were we hopefully can see the air balloons go airborne… So maybe there will be another Blog with photos about that experience…

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