Another month goes by…

Quick bite after our hike at tentrocks

Like Nolan said at the table the other night… “so here we are, eating our dinner.” It was like he wanted to say “okay so now I understand what has happened the last two months”. I think he is starting to realize his life has changed and we needed to give him some more attention to adjust for it. We still have our struggles with him and moving continents didn’t make it easy to be consequent at all to him. He always wants things to go his way and that also goes for the food, which most of the times would be candy. If he doesn’t get it, then he will start crying or have a tantrum. On the other hand, he didn’t cry last week at school when I left. Also during school time he didn’t ask for me nor cried, and he even asked if he could play with the kids after dismissal and told me he didn’t want to go home yet. I think he has been homesick more than we were thinking in the first months. After a fun weekend, however, (yeah almost every weekend we do something fun) it is hard for him to go back to school. But he is adjusting and is starting to speak English to the teachers already which makes me to be so proud of him.

Freek told me the other day: “I can’t believe I’m already working for more than two months now”. On the other hand, it feels like we just moved here a week ago as it still feels like being on an adventure or very long holiday sometimes. Of course most of the weekdays are just about going to school, prepping meals, cleaning the house (for me) doing groceries and swim classes… But almost every day we have been here the sun shines and the sky is blue and that makes the feeling stronger of being on a holiday for us. The weather over here did change though the last few weeks. It did freeze already at night, but during the day it mostly still warms up to 24 degrees Celsius (75F). We don’t need the air-conditioning anymore, but the heater instead in the mornings. Since almost all houses are made from wood and the isolation isn’t that good the temperature in house will decrease by 8 degrees Celcius (13F) overnight. So I bought hot chocolate, the cozy blankets are on the couch and the candles burn in the evening, the fall is here…

Marlo is doing such a good job with his swimming classes, that after 1 session (it’s a month) he passed and now he started the next class. Of course he already had swimming lessons in the Netherlands but here they start with the breaststroke, so he is learning something new and that takes time. At school he starts learning how to read. Imagine you will need to learn how to read, yet not knowing what the meaning is from a lot of words. I think that’s very hard, but amazing that he does it and at dismissal there is always a big smile on his face because of the good day he had. Every week he gets some homework, and as I’m helping with that I already see him growing… He can read a sentence in English and pronounce it perfectly. His English vocabulary isn’t that big, but he deals with it at school as well as when he is playing with other kids. We are so proud of him as well!

And then there is me, taking care of the groceries and cleaning the house haha….  And this month was also the month I needed to unpack all our boxes. But that’s all done and we have our own furniture back in place.
I’m glad I was approved to be a volunteer at the schools of the boys. So when the teachers need me in the classroom or for a fieldtrip they can ask me for some help and I’m really glad that I can provide it. But I do miss working, talking with coworkers about something with a meaning, helping each other and talking about something you actually learned for during college. However, weeks do go by quickly without working… although I really need to think about what I want to do with the time I’m now at home not doing anything at all. Maybe volunteer at an elderly home or…
What I do like is baking and cooking. So I’m glad the internet provides me with Dutch recipes as well as American ones… I think the first American one I will try will be a pumpkin pie.

To be continued….

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