Day at the zoo

Abuquerque zoo

The question that was asked the most times since we moved here: “have you been to our amazing zoo?” Now I think we have a lot of amazing zoos in the Netherlands and we did go with our boys and their grandparents towards the “Beekse Bergen” zoo just a few weeks before we moved. That zoo is such an amazing one that I didn’t know if I was going to like this zoo in the middle of a big city, but I can be short: the ABQ BioPark Zoo is a really beautiful zoo and worth every penny.

In June they opened the penguin chill exhibit, and that is one spectacular residence these penguins got. When we went the penguins were being fed fish from the zookeeper, but they were also diving in and jumping out of the water. The boys were really thrilled to see some penguins!! And for a long time these animals have been one of my favorites!! The exhibit also has an area where you can read information about these amazing animals or swim like one in a videogame. The zoo did an awesome job on this.

Walking through the rest of the zoo I can say the animals have a lot of space in their exhibits. Everyone will find an animal they like, because the zoo holds a large variety of animals, such as giraffes, gorillas, elephants, lions, tigers, ice bears, crocodiles, snakes, geckos and many more.

We bought a combination ticket so we could also travel with the (zoo)train from the zoo to the aquarium and the botanic garden. A regular ticket for the zoo or the aquarium and botanic garden is 14 dollars, if you live in New Mexico it’s 10 dollars. A combo ticket to visit all three costs 22 dollars and for New Mexico residents it is 16 dollars.

The boys were really excited that we would need to take a train to get to the aquarium that they wanted to do that the first of course. It is these times that it comes in handy they can’t read yet, so we told them that before the first train leaves we had some time to see other animals. Agreeing with that, we went off to see the animals in the zoo and after the elephants took a little shower in the water sprayers we walked towards the train to enjoy the train ride with them and our lunch. Because like every dutchie we bring our own food if we are allowed to do so.

Also the aquarium is something special, because the boys didn’t see something like that before in this size and grandpa does have an aquarium that they really enjoy looking at. They saw many different fish with bright colors as well as jellyfish and big sharks. When we left the aquarium they were overwhelmed what kind of fish actually live in the ocean.

After that we did a quick visit at the botanic garden. We went to the garden for children where everything was really big, like in the movie “honey I shrunk the kids”. They went of the slide, made some music and made some pictures eating very big carrots. There was also an area with model trains, and if you know our boys you would know they like that a lot!! But they also enjoyed the butterfly pavilion and the BUGarium. I think in the spring the botanic garden would be beautiful with a lot of flowers and cactus blooming, so I think we will be back one day.

The time went by so fast we got on the train back to the zoo, to see the other animals. Of course there was time for an ice cream! Marlo and Nolan did walk the whole day but the last hour it was hard and warm. Nolan was really tired and was asking to be carried, but also wanted to go back to the Penguins to take another look. It was a very long but beautiful day!

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