Month 3: All about Fall traditions

fall traditions in America

In month three everybody is getting more adjusted to our new lives. We enjoy being here: the sky is really blue almost every day, which is a big difference from what we would experience in the Netherlands at this time of the year. However, there are weeks that I am really busy and some weeks I am actually bored, which are tough to get through. For example: last week I had 3 days I was helping at the schools of Marlo and Nolan, an evening activity at Marlo his school with dinosaurs, while Thursday it was Halloween (read our Halloween adventure here…. ) In short, that was a stuffed week, which I actually could use after having a bad day on Monday. I was feeling mwah and blegh that whole day until the boys came home from school. We did some extra snuggles and called my mom to made it a little bit better. Sometimes I therefore think I want to go and volunteer somewhere, while on the other hand I really like to go and help at the schools whenever they need me. However being a social worker back in the Netherlands makes me want to help people. So I didn’t decide yet what to do…

The weekends on the hand are always a blast….The boys actually could not choose what they liked the most this month because we did so many nice things.

In New Mexico you know the fall has arrived when you see a lot of hot air balloons in the sky! It was the beginning of our third month and I really loved the balloon festival! Seeing all the different shapes was amazing the first time we went although they could not go into the air due to the weather conditions. The second time we were more lucky and they actually went up, which was just a wonderful view. I actually never heard of this festival before and by coincidence this year it was on the news in the Netherlands!

Marlo went on his first fieldtrip to a pumpkin patch. He had a wonderful time with his friend Jasmin playing duck races and inside the corn pool. We got the tip about another pumpkin patch that was even better. I really liked to also take Freek and Nolan to a tradition we don’t know, so off we went to Mc Calls pumpkin Patch. We really had a blast with the train ride, playing in the corn, walking through the castle, sliding down the fort and so much more. We were all impressed when we arrived at the pumpkin fields. As far as the eye could see there were pumpkins… Big, small, white, orange, green/yellow, special shapes, they had everything. One part of the pumpkin patch is a corn maze and that is also a fall tradition. I think it’s something you see more and more in the Netherlands as well, but we never did it over there. The boys went in the maze and we followed. Although it wasn’t really difficult, we did have a map so we couldn’t get lost.  It was a wonderful day out!

Besides the nice day trips, we also did some hiking this month. The temperatures have been pretty low at night so the leaves started changing pretty fast. And when we went on our second hike to see some colored leaves many already fell down. But wandering through the leaves and seeing some trees still with their colored leaves was beautiful. We really love to hike and the boys are doing a great job hiking. Of course they don’t want to do it every day or every week, but now and then they really enjoy nature with us.

What to do with the pumpkins we bought…? Right, carving of course! Some may have seen the results on facebook/instagram. I really enjoyed carving our pumpkins and see the results with a candle in them. However, if you want them to look nice at Halloween you should make them only a few days before and not like we did 3 week before that. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much left of our shapes on Halloween day itself!

Looking back, we had a wonderful fall month. On to next month where Freek will go to China for a week (so home alone) and where the next holiday on the list of American traditions presents itself: Thanksgiving.

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