It’s gonna be a white white… Thanksgiving

Our first thanksgiving started with a lot of snow! The forecast said there was a 100% snow certainty, so the day before we made sure our sleds and snow shovels were ready to use. Snow wasn’t actually something I was expecting when we moved to the desert, but the next morning the weather forecast was on point and I was happily surprised to see the whole area around completely white!! Luckily the snow boots from last year still fitted and we had bought some new ski pants for the boys! We were ready to enjoy the snow!

But the first thanksgiving experience was the thanksgiving lunch at Marlo his school. During his lunchtime we could join him for a nice lunch with turkey, stuffing, beans and a delicious cinnamon cake. It was his first school lunch because he always takes a home lunch to school. He actually liked the food and ate a lot of it! It was great to enjoy lunch with Marlo and to see the place where he eats his lunch and meet some of his friends from school.

We also had a thanksgiving lunch at Nolan his school too. Since Freek his worksite is nearby and Marlo already had his thanksgiving break from school we could enjoy this lunch together. Everybody brought something to eat or drink and it was really delicious. I brought my home made Dutch apple pie! You can see the boys enjoy these new holidays we don’t know, and we try to explain what the holiday is about.

The day the snow came couldn’t be better for us. We were all home and we could enjoy sledding, making a snowman, snowball fights and playing with the boys from the neighbours. It was a great morning with a lot of fun! Around noon we went to friends for dinner. Their girls and our boys can get along with each other very well and that is really great. They made a delicious turkey like we only know from the movies, and a lot of other food!! Like they would say in the series Friends “we really had a food coma”. It was nice spending time with our friends and the boys being able to play outside in the snow.

I like this holiday being thankful for people around you like friends and family. Having a nice dinner together (we decided to wear nothing too fancy hihi) without any kids going crazy about presents!! I don’t know if I can ever make a good turkey but hey maybe I should give it a try sometime…One thing I do know, however, I would need to get a bigger oven in the Netherlands!!

Een reactie op “It’s gonna be a white white… Thanksgiving

  1. Nou jullie maken nog wat mee in Amerika.
    Het gaat goed, de jongens doen het goed.
    Wel veel soorten aan feestdagen als je dan steeds met vrienden eet komen jullie tonnetje rond terug. Mooi sneeuwpoppen, kunnen wij hier nog niet maken.
    En Ester jij kan ook steeds beter je vermaken met leuke dingen? Succes allemaal verder.
    Lieve groetjes uit Moordrecht.


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