This month flew by……being home alone with the boys and no grandparents on the watch

little hike at the Rio Grande Bosque

It was the first time Freek needed to go away for his work for a week. He went to China for 2 days but travelled 24 hours forth and 24 hours back. I wouldn’t want to go in his place anyway but I needed to do this week on my own. (Of course there were friends that texted me that I could count on them whenever I would need them when Freek was gone) Freek left very early on Monday and the first two days the boys were very sweet and they listened as they were little angels. But on Wednesday I got the massage that my grandma passed away. Luckily we have internet these days so a phone call is one click away with skype or whatssApp and I had some busy days at Marlo his school volunteering. So maybe it was because of my emotions and temper but we had a few rough days after that. The boys didn’t listened anymore and Nolan didn’t want to eat only when I would feed him. And for me it was easier to just do it and not make a big deal out of it… But he would get his dinner cold because I wanted to eat my dinner warm. But we survived the week and looking back the week went by pretty fast but I definitely missed the grandparents some moments this week!

We actually went to pick up Freek from the airport on the Friday but it was already rush hour. We never had to drive through Albuquerque around 16:00/17:00 (4pm/5pm) and I’m glad we don’t have too!! Freek was at the airport on Monday in 20 minutes, it would take me about 45 minutes to get there on a Friday afternoon and back it took us more than an hour. So glad we live in Rio Rancho and not in big city…

How are the kids doing? Actually they are doing AWESOME!!
The sentence Nolan uses the most when we put him in bed: “I like it here in America, ……… And then he will say something like
but now I want to have a Christmas tree
but I want to have dutch pancakes
but I like to call with grandma en granddad tomorrow
At these moments he will try to make it happen with his little puppy eyes.
He is talking more and more in English and sometimes we don’t understand him because he uses Dutch and English in the same sentence. We will get a little tantrum of our little boy but we have to keep in mind that he moved continents and learned a new language in 4 months. He is doing such a great job at school writing his numbers, doing math, learning letters, WOW only WOW.

Marlo his school had a teacher conference where we discussed Marlo his school results (like the 10 minutes conversations we had at school in the Netherlands). But there wasn’t much to discus. He is doing great scoring a 3 out of 4, for most of the categories. Only his vocabulary was a 2 but that really okay!! He goes to a special class to learn English and get a bigger vocabulary. His teacher told us he is a little leader in his class and knows what he needs to do and does it well. So we are very proud parents!

I have been busy the last few weeks with volunteering and a lot of other things. I feel good!! Found a little rhythm in my week and some weeks are a little bit busier, but that’s okay. As I wrote before my grandma passed away. We decided not to go back. I said goodbye to her before we left to America and it felt okay for me like this.

Next month December/holiday month, I’m a little late this month…

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