Tent rocks “A better place for climbing than an indoor playground!!”

On the top of the tent rocks notional monument

“These feet are made for walking and”…. that’s what they had to do on a Sunday morning. When we woke up Nolan and Marlo asked why they needed to be dressed right away instead of watching some tv on a lazy Sunday morning as we do many times. But this morning we wouldn’t be lazy at all!! When we told the boys that we were going to take a hike they actually didn’t want to go. Marlo was nagging about that he wanted to go somewhere else like an amusement park. But the first view made him excited.

We would take a hike at “Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument”. It is a 5 dollar entrance fee since we still don’t have a national park pass. If you go to national parks it’s a great pass you really want to have, because it will cost you 80 dollars for a year. You can enter all national parks with this pass and it will cover your day use fees. Also it’s valid for the driver and all passengers in the vehicle. So if you go to the USA on a roadtrip and want to visit a couple of monuments and parks it will be the right pass to buy!!

You can make a little hiking loop in the park, however then you will actually miss the most beautiful part of the tent rocks. If you choose for the other hike it will take you inside the canyon, but you need to go back the same way. We think that is your best option because the views will take your breath away. The hike will take you through a narrow path between the walls of the canyon. It’s really beautiful and if you prefer to see some beautiful colors on the walls you want to get up early. When we were hiking between the rocks the boys were thrilled. We really had to climb up some big stones. They said it was even better than an indoor playground from the Netherlands and we couldn’t agree more, haha.At the top there was the stunning view I could watch for hours. To enjoy the view a bit longer we had our picnic there before heading back down. Our hike was something like 2.7 miles/4.3km (loop and one way hike together) and the maximum elevation was around 900ft/280meters. The boys had such a blast and did so well during the hike that day we decided we could take them hiking more often. Of course there was some nagging for candy and drinks during the hike but that was it. So enjoy the pictures…

hiking athe the tent rocks national park
just a beautiful view!!
on top this was the view during our lunch break
going back down
it was a big climb!!

Looking forward to go out hiking again! But it’s kind of chilly at the moment so we will wait for a little bit…

4 reacties op ‘Tent rocks “A better place for climbing than an indoor playground!!”

  1. Jeetje dat is wel erg mooi die natuur, de canyons. Echt genieten!!!!
    Dit is voor Marlo en Nolan ook een belevenis. Die gaan later vast terug als ze groot zijn.
    Dit soort uitstapjes maakt alles goed toch Ester?
    Alvast fijne kerst en een mooi 2020.
    Zal wel anders zijn met vieren als Nederland.
    Groetjes Marja en Crelis.


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