A December to remember!! Monthly update 5 :-)

from old town Albuquerque

What happened this month? Uhhh I don’t know where to start but let me start at the beginning of this month (December). Since our move we don’t have any cable television except for antenna, which we actually never watch. We do have Netflix of course! In the beginning the boys would ask us if the program they had chosen could be played in Dutch, but most of the series couldn’t. However the last couple of weeks they stopped asking for it so it was time to take them to the movie theater! Since the boys really liked Frozen 1 we took them to Frozen 2. Nolan actually fell asleep during the movie… but Marlo really loved it!

On Thursday it was Sinterklaas and Nolan his teacher asked me if I could come to read a Sinterklaas story. I dressed up as Sinterklaas and Nolan was my little Piet. We let his classmates’ taste some pepernoten and we explained how the festivity works. The kids were really interested in this story and they truly enjoyed the pepernoten!

Freek also needed to go back to the Netherlands this month and of course we were a little bit jealous. But when we told the boys he could bring back some goodies we were missing in America they took the news better than we expected. Marlo did ask if Freek was going to sleep at grandma and granddad’s place and he told us he wanted that too! I totally understand him and I wanted to go too, but hey you can’t have it all…

In the meantime I did some volunteering at both the schools from the boys (it was pajama day a both schools). I helped the kids with crafts and participated in the parent council selling presents for the holidays. These were fun days. During the last school week before Christmas the kids here were as “vibrant” as Dutch children are the last week before Sinterklaas. I think the teachers will be very happy that these holidays are over when the kids get back to school next week LOL.

During one weekend the boys had their first ice skating experience, which they both really enjoyed. I didn’t expect that at all, so we probably need to go another time. In the evening there was a light parade in Rio Rancho. Everybody can participate in this parade and decorate their cars with Christmas lights. Some of the cars would be decorated with many lights, while others had only 1 string of lights, but it was fun watching it with the neighbors. After that we went to a house that was completely decorated, including a full light and sound show that you could listen to by tuning into the right radio frequency. It’s something we only saw on YouTube and being able to see it first hand was incredible… Ow my, it’s beautiful but a lot of work.

The weekend after that it was winter break and Christmas… As some of you know we spent our time in Disney WORLD… But that will be another story to tell…

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