Winter break checking off something from our to do list…

Disney castle

What do we want to do during winter/Christmas break now we are living in the USA? We were discussing on going to Hawaii/Disney or …. ? As most of you have seen on Instagram/Facebook we decided to go to Disney World! And it was marvelous! Okay it was a pricey adventure, but worth every penny! It was an adventure not a holiday, because on a holiday I’m not going to wake up at 4/5 am for fun! We did do that a couple of times during our week in Disney so we could get the most out of our trip! After all it will probably be a one time opportunity for us!

We did make the decision to go to Disney last November not knowing anything about Disney world…Only that IT IS big! YES it was something that we wanted to do living in the USA but hey it is such a big park with a lot of different possibilities that we couldn’t know it all! So one day I was talking to a friend and she mentioned Kristin. Kristin did arrange my friends’ trips to Disneyland to her full satisfaction, so the first thing I did was to get in touch with her. It turned out to be the best thing I could have ever done for us! She helped us with so many things that we would not even have thought about and I would dearly recommend her to everybody that wants to go to Disney world! It made it all so much easier! Why?


  • Explained our resort/hotel options and told me what the difference was between the resorts. (There are 33 hotels, WHAT???)
  • Made all the sitting dinner reservations (we were on a dining plan from Disney) with characters (Mickey, Pluto, Pooh bear, Tigger and Alice in wonderland are just a few of the many we saw during the dinners, it was great!!).
  • Made a plan for everyday (and advice on rides and shows not to miss), so we didn’t need to think which park we would go to the next day
  • Took care of all the fast pass reservations of each day, of which you get 3 a day
  • Gave us a lot of tips so we knew things about the parks we never would have known without her!
  • Really knows the ins and outs of Disney World so you get the most of your trip
  • Is simply the most enthusiastic person I have ever met when it involves Disney!

Marlo had a big smile on his face for the whole holiday! He really enjoyed himself.  The first character meal he was a little anxious for Pooh bear, but after the first picture his smile got bigger and bigger! Nolan was tired during the first character meal so he slept through it all. But I love the picture off him with Pooh when he was sleeping. Every time somebody will ask Nolan how he liked Disney he will say: “I’m not gonna tell” or he will just say “NO”. But the pictures on the rides will tell the story how he liked it…

Nolan sleeping through dinner

It was a busy time in Disney World, but the first day was a rainy day and the Magic Kingdom wasn’t crowded at all. We could go on a lot of rides without waiting for a long time. We even went in the rollercoaster from Goofy 3 times in a row and we even were allowed to stay seated in Dumbo (this ride sometimes has a waiting time for 50 minutes). Every ride the boys were allowed to go on they would do without any doubt; our little dare devils and thrill seekers! But they also loved the rides from Pooh and a small world, but the smiles on the boys their faces are gigantic after a good rollercoaster (that is something that runs in the family).

What are the most marvelous moments from our trip?
Walking inside the Magic Kingdom seeing the castle at the end of mainstreet is very magical. I never thought I would go to Disney World as I have never been to Disneyland in Paris before (and that is only a 5 hour ride from our hometown). So being able to do this was amazing.

Seeing and making pictures with all the different characters was so lovely. From Mickey Mouse to Mary Poppins and from Olaf to Elsa and Anna, but also BB8 from Star Wars, we could have done that all day long if we wanted.

In the Animal Kingdom we had breakfast in a beautiful jungle restaurant and every time the boys looked somewhere they saw something else, an elephant, monkey or some butterflies. And also the food was really delicious.

The tree of life in the Animal Kingdom is really beautiful! At day time already, but definitely at night with a show projected on the tree. It’s an eye catcher for the park! We really loved the theme of this park and how it looks, it’s really incredible!

The rides that we really loved where the slinky dog rollercoaster (Hollywood Studios), both star wars rides (Hollywood Studios), Avatar the ride (Animal Kingdom), Nemo the musical (Animal Kingdom), Winnie the Pooh (Magic Kingdom), Splash mountain (Magic Kingdom) and Soarin (Epcot), but there are so many rides and Disney tried to make them all magnificent (even the waiting lines)!

Marlo his favorite moment was shooting with Woody and Buzz Lightyear in Toy story land. I think we did that ride 3 times, and even in the waiting lines in Toy Story land there was so much to see!

Nolan his favorite thing in Disney was riding all the different rollercoasters, the faster the better…

Freek his favorite was the Star Wars Rise of the Resistance ride and the whole land itself. It was like we were on the movie set, walking over the market and drinking the blue and green milk.

My favorite memory during our Disney trip was the show of The Lion King. I think it was the first movie I got on videotape and I probably watched it over a million times or something… I still love all the songs and I couldn’t help myself but I started singing with the artists… (and I can’t sing LOL)

After a week the boys were done with the rides and Disney, but being home for a week made the boys want to go back… So we told them we don’t know what the future will bring us and that besides Disney World there are a lot more amusement parks to discover! We really had a marvelous Christmas in Disney world and I wouldn’t wanted to spend it any other way, this year! Because of the memory maker we have all these great pictures to make a great book about our adventure.

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  1. Toch een heerlijke tijd hebben jullie daar, later een tijd om op terug te kijken. Jullie hebben nog een hele tijd om van alles te ondernemen dit jaar, met z’n vieren zowel als met de familie die dit jaar komen. Top hoor.
    Leuk om de avonturen te lezen, blijven goed op de hoogte.
    Groetjes Marja en Crelis

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