Stamppot, our easy and comfy food

When you grow up you will learn to eat the dishes that are known in the area you grow up. So Freek and I grew up eating a lot of AGV what means Potatoes, Vegetables and a piece of Meat, and still a lot of people eat it like that. Surprisely that kind of dinner is what our boys like the most! In the winter the people in Holland eat a lot of “stamppotten”. Stamppot/Mash pot is a traditional Dutch dish made from a combination of potatoes mashed with one or several vegetables and most of the time a sausage on the side. And our boys love to eat these dishes. I don’t have to give the Brussels sprouts on the side but when I make it with a mash pot they will eat it though! So our favorites are with carrots and onions, raw endive and Brussels sprouts. It will give you mine recipe of how I make the carrot mash pot or how we say it “Hutspot”.

Ingredients for 4 persons (for big eaters add more vegetables and potatoes)

Shelled potatoes 800 gram (1.7lb)
carrots 600gram (1.3lb) (or a bag)
onions 1/2 (if you like it)
Milk (150ml, ½ a cup)
butter (if you want it a little bit more smoother)
meat for on the side we like to eat it with brat sausages

Peel the potatoes and quarter them or more little to have less cooking time.
Peel the carrots and slice them in little pieces or grate them. (see picture above)
Put everything in one big pot with water and a little pinch of salt and bring to a boil and simmer for 15-20 minutes or until its fully cooked. (until carrots and potatoes are easily pierced with a fork)
Drain cooking liquid
Put the milk in the microwave and heat it for one minute full power.
mash the potatoes and carrots in the pot and add the milk. Some people like bigger chunks, others like their Hutspot smoother so be gentle and not add to much milk at once.
You can add some butter for a smoother mashed pot too, but we never do that.
Serve with the meat of your choice and don’t forget the gravy.

I always make the gravy by adding water to the pan in which I have baked the sausages. Be careful and at the water in the pan with the gas off!! Heat it a again for a little bit and put the pots and sausages on the table and serve yourself.

With the endive you just make mashed potatoes with the milk and add the sliced (very little) endive raw (one sprout is sufficient) . We always add some baked bacon (sliced) to the pot for more flavor.

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