How ya do’ing?

It has been quite a while since I made a blog. We didn’t have many adventures other than yours; the staying at home adventure. The moment the first case was announced in our state the department of education decided to close the schools immediately. The difference with the Netherlands, our schools didn’t open again since the summer break already started. Marlo had to do homeschooling which were pretty nice math and reading “games”. He enjoyed these assignments and he needed to do his assignments for about an hour a day, so I didn’t have much trouble getting him into his homework. He will be in first grade next year! Nolan on the other hand missed the structure away from his school when he needs do to his schoolwork. He really likes math too but it’s hard to keep him doing the assignments, but he is only 4 years old and it’s also okay for him to play…  For now we will be waiting if the boys go back to school in August and when the first day of school will be…. Because the Rio Rancho school department didn’t announced that yet.

One thing we are happy about is that Freek still has his job, because there are many people who lost their job! It was in the Dutch news probably a few times. And yes the Dutch news colors the American news too, with their opinion!! But I still really hate watching the American news here so what I know about everything what is happening is because of the Dutch news and the news apps. We didn’t watch any speech of Trump. The only things I try to watch are the speeches of the governor. Who will tell us what the state will be doing. And that how it goes because every state decide what to do themselves, and not president Trump for the USA because that is way too big to give each state the same phase in reopening. FYI: The State New Mexico is bigger than the Netherlands, but only has 2 million residents.

So for now the state started opening up more businesses and some offices are allowed to open again with a capacity of 25 %. We need to wear masks in public. So I ordered one for all of us if we need to go out. But the boys haven’t been to public places in a long time, which made Marlo and Nolan even ask if they could go shopping with me at the groceries store. Where sometimes I see whole family’s I don’t want them with me. Because Freek is working from home they can stay at home, while I do the shopping. And that is what they say you need to do. Now they are opening more places like the barbars, nail salons, gyms and diners.

But our playgrounds are still closed so the boys have to play in the backyard with their toys like the trampoline, their scooters and now in the swimming pool! I tried to have them back on their bicycles, but they are a little scared. And Rio rancho is not flat so that is an extra obstacle to feel safe to ride your bicycles after not riding them for 9 months.

Of course the boys are fighting with each other one moment and the other moment they are sleeping together like angels in the spare bed. The question is; how will I survive 3 months of summer break if we have to stay at home as much as we can? It was one of the main reasons I was planning to go to the Netherlands during summer break but we can’t go back. This summer break is really something different than what we are used too in the Netherlands. Almost 3 months off instead of 6 weeks and when I was working I would have had 3 weeks off for our holiday and the other 3weeks of their summer break I would be working. But now I’m with them at home for 3 months. How will it be if Freek need to stay working from home and we are also home? So hopefully things will be open soon and that we are allowed to go to friends again, because they didn’t say anything about that at all! But it would be nice if we can have playdates!! And maybe we go camping.

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