Money, money and expenses!!

A few weeks ago I was talking to one of my followers on Instagram about what things cost in America. Since I wanted to blog about something else than Covid-19 the idea for my blog was born. When we decided to move to New Mexico we had to find out what our fixed costs would be here. So Freek started exploring on the internet for some numbers… I started to look on Instagram for some other Dutch moms who immigrated to the US. I contacted a mom but she actually lives in Miami. And what I didn’t know then but do know now is that prizes of gas, electricity and water can change per state but the actually change per city! And living in New Mexico is way cheaper than California, Florida or New York for example. … More Money, money and expenses!!

How ya do’ing?

It has been quite a while since I made a blog. We didn’t have many adventures other than yours; the staying at home adventure. The moment the first case was announced in our state the department of education decided to close the schools immediately. The difference with the Netherlands, our schools didn’t open again since the summer break already started. Marlo had to do homeschooling which were pretty nice math and reading “games”. He enjoyed these assignments and he needed to do his assignments for about an hour a day, so I didn’t have much trouble getting him into his homework. He will be in first grade next year! Nolan on the other hand missed the structure away from his school…… … More How ya do’ing?

Stamppot, our easy and comfy food

When you grow up you will learn to eat the dishes that are known in the area you grow up. So Freek and I grew up eating a lot of AGV what means Potatoes, Vegetables and a piece of Meat, and still a lot of people eat it like that. Surprisely that kind of dinner is what our boys like the most! In the winter the people in Holland eat a lot of “stamppotten”. Stamppot/Mash pot is a traditional Dutch dish made from a combination of potatoes mashed with one or several vegetables and most of the time a sausage on the side. And our boys love to eat these dishes. I don’t have to give the Brussels sprouts on the side but when I make it with a mash pot they will eat it though! So our favorites are with carrots and onions, raw endive and Brussels sprouts. It will give you mine recipe of how I make the carrot mash pot or how we say it “Hutspot”. … More Stamppot, our easy and comfy food

Homeschooling Marlo for his Dutch reading

Our oldest boy Marlo would have gone to group 3 (Dutch system) in the Netherlands the moment we moved to the USA. That is the time they start to learn how to read back home. Going to Kindergarten here made him learn to read in English. So that is what he did; learn a whole new language and start reading in English at the same time as well. It hasn’t always been easy, but both his teacher and the one that gives him extra English lessons are doing an amazing job with him. Only his vocabulary isn’t that big compared to the other children from his class, but other than that he is doing a great job at school. … More Homeschooling Marlo for his Dutch reading

Beautiful state of New Mexico

Uhhh… Where are we moving to? New Mexico? Where is that? Those were my first questions actually. And now we are living here for more than a half year and “HEY DO TRAVEL ORGANIZATIONS KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THIS STATE AT ALL?” I follow a facebook site but in the months I follow them they never ever placed something about New Mexico. So I think this part is still unknown territory for tourism from the Netherlands. I don’t know about other countries, but I do for my own home country! However, the Dutch are not alone in that, because in other parts of America there are people that don’t know that New Mexico is a state in America as well. They think New Mexico is part of Mexico… … More Beautiful state of New Mexico

Hello half year mark!

When somebody hears that I am not from around, which is not too difficult with that bloody accent we have when speaking English ;-), they will ask questions and are mostly sure that it must have been a big adjustment moving from the Netherlands to the USA. (Don’t get me wrong, I like to talk to people about it) Of course there are things that are done differently here than in the Netherlands. Like the delivery of a package on the front porch. The paperwork you need to sign when you buy a car. But this stuff is not something that gave us a culture shock. … More Hello half year mark!


Sometimes I post pictures on facebook/Instagram of my stories from food we eat. Most of the times when I share food pictures it’s from the Dutch food we eat! So I got some questions about my pea soup. First a little trivia; Pea soup becomes Snert when you leave it for a night. It becomes very thick and you can put a spoon in there and it will stand up tall, LOL. It even tastes better the day after, I think. Making Snert was placed on the Dutch inventory list for intangible heritage in 2018. We are very proud of it in the Netherlands as you can see. And every year there will be a match to be world champion in cooking Snert… (no it’s not an eating contest). It’s a soup that takes some time to prepare so we normally make it during the weekend. We typically also make a large amount so we can freeze half of it for another time… … More SPLIT PEASOUP AKA SNERT

Winter break checking off something from our to do list…

What do we want to do during winter/Christmas break now we are living in the USA? We were discussing on going to Hawaii/Disney or …. ? As most of you have seen on Instagram/Facebook we decided to go to Disney World! And it was marvelous! Okay it was a pricey adventure, but worth every penny! It was an adventure not a holiday, because on a holiday I’m not going to wake up at 4/5 am for fun! We did do that a couple of times during our week in Disney so we could get the most out of our trip! After all it will probably be a one time opportunity for us! … More Winter break checking off something from our to do list…

A December to remember!! Monthly update 5 :-)

What happened this month? Uhhh I don’t know where to start but let me start at the beginning of this month (December). Since our move we don’t have any cable television except for antenna, which we actually never watch. We do have Netflix of course! In the beginning the boys would ask us if the program they had chosen could be played in Dutch, but most of the series couldn’t. However the last couple of weeks they stopped asking for it so it was time to take them to the movie theater! Since the boys really liked Frozen 1 we took them to Frozen 2. Nolan actually fell asleep during the movie… but Marlo really loved it! … More A December to remember!! Monthly update 5 🙂

Tent rocks “A better place for climbing than an indoor playground!!”

“These feet are made for walking and”…. that’s what they had to do on a Sunday morning. When we woke up Nolan and Marlo asked why they needed to be dressed right away instead of watching some tv on a lazy Sunday morning as we do many times. But this morning we wouldn’t be lazy at all!! When we told the boys that we were going to take a hike they actually didn’t want to go. Marlo was nagging about that he wanted to go somewhere else like an amusement park. But the first view made him excited. … More Tent rocks “A better place for climbing than an indoor playground!!”