Money, money and expenses!!

A few weeks ago I was talking to one of my followers on Instagram about what things cost in America. Since I wanted to blog about something else than Covid-19 the idea for my blog was born. When we decided to move to New Mexico we had to find out what our fixed costs would be here. So Freek started exploring on the internet for some numbers… I started to look on Instagram for some other Dutch moms who immigrated to the US. I contacted a mom but she actually lives in Miami. And what I didn’t know then but do know now is that prizes of gas, electricity and water can change per state but the actually change per city! And living in New Mexico is way cheaper than California, Florida or New York for example. … More Money, money and expenses!!

Beautiful state of New Mexico

Uhhh… Where are we moving to? New Mexico? Where is that? Those were my first questions actually. And now we are living here for more than a half year and “HEY DO TRAVEL ORGANIZATIONS KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THIS STATE AT ALL?” I follow a facebook site but in the months I follow them they never ever placed something about New Mexico. So I think this part is still unknown territory for tourism from the Netherlands. I don’t know about other countries, but I do for my own home country! However, the Dutch are not alone in that, because in other parts of America there are people that don’t know that New Mexico is a state in America as well. They think New Mexico is part of Mexico… … More Beautiful state of New Mexico

Winter break checking off something from our to do list…

What do we want to do during winter/Christmas break now we are living in the USA? We were discussing on going to Hawaii/Disney or …. ? As most of you have seen on Instagram/Facebook we decided to go to Disney World! And it was marvelous! Okay it was a pricey adventure, but worth every penny! It was an adventure not a holiday, because on a holiday I’m not going to wake up at 4/5 am for fun! We did do that a couple of times during our week in Disney so we could get the most out of our trip! After all it will probably be a one time opportunity for us! … More Winter break checking off something from our to do list…

Tent rocks “A better place for climbing than an indoor playground!!”

“These feet are made for walking and”…. that’s what they had to do on a Sunday morning. When we woke up Nolan and Marlo asked why they needed to be dressed right away instead of watching some tv on a lazy Sunday morning as we do many times. But this morning we wouldn’t be lazy at all!! When we told the boys that we were going to take a hike they actually didn’t want to go. Marlo was nagging about that he wanted to go somewhere else like an amusement park. But the first view made him excited. … More Tent rocks “A better place for climbing than an indoor playground!!”

Roadtrip with Alpacas, Turquoise Trail, Santa Fe and Meow Wolf

It’s already been a few weeks since we had an extra day off. The first national holiday we had was Labor Day. It’s an annual holiday to celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. For many people Labor Day is the end of the summer vacation season around the USA or just an extra day off ;-). We were already going to school for 2 weeks so it wasn’t the end of the season for us. Freek told me “you don’t work so please arrange everything for the weekend trips” and so I did…. … More Roadtrip with Alpacas, Turquoise Trail, Santa Fe and Meow Wolf

The first month

We turned the month, on the birthday calendar, over from August to September. Marlo asked who were going to have their birthday in September. Once I said that grandpa would have his birthday on the 23th Nolan said: “oh but then we are back in the Netherlands right?” “Uhmmm, no Nolan… we will be turning this whole calendar 2 times before we go back.” That wasn’t something he wanted to hear, I can tell you. … More The first month

Arranging…. That Social Security Number

The first weeks were about getting organized! Back in the Netherlands Freek already made some calls to get electricity and gas. The first thing they would ask him; “what is your social security number…?” So as you may remember from a former blog that we didn’t got those yet. But he could arrange gas and electricity from the Netherlands, so the landlord would know we were going to pay those ourselves. … More Arranging…. That Social Security Number

You’ve got mail? uhh where did it go then….

Everybody knows the scenes in the movies where the mailman posts the mail in the mailboxes standing in front of the houses. When coming back at the house we rent we didn’t see those mailboxes, but two blocks away we did see them! The question was “Where are we going to get our mail?” That was something we really wanted to know, because our social security cards should have been arrived by now. … More You’ve got mail? uhh where did it go then….

The biggest move (probably) of our life

Okay in the last days you have to say goodbye to your closest family. We noticed Marlo didn’t want to give hugs and kisses to say goodbye so we would just let him. Nolan also needed a little bit of encouragement to say goodbye. We didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so it would be a little bit easier for the boys. The last evening we had a BBQ with all the grandparents and Marlo and Nolan did like that. … More The biggest move (probably) of our life

Our adventure in Brussels

Time had finally come, our appointment at the embassy in Brussels. We could pick a date from 3 days, but all the free places were at 8:45 in the morning. In order to be on-time for the appointment -as being late was not an option- we went to Brussels a day early in a nice hotel close to the embassy at the costs of the company. We called in our support troops -luckily there are the grandfathers and grandmothers who can help us- and had grandma stay over for the night. So, we left for Brussels on Monday and had a nice dinner and walk together without our kids. … More Our adventure in Brussels